Working on the neck

I started working on the neck the other day. The neck parts were previously glued up but I still needed to mark the fingerboard and cut for the frets. I was enjoying myself so much that I forgot to glue the fret markers on before I installed the frets. D’oh! I didn’t want to give up on the markers so I went ahead and glued ’em in and today I carefully chiseled them level with the fingerboard.

I have been meaning to build a fret beveling file for some time now. Well, today was the day. After completely confusing myself with math, I finally determined that I had done everything right. It really worked beautifully and it helped create the best fret dressing I have achieved to date.

I made it out of a hunk of black walnut I found on the floor of the shop. I shortened a mill file and inserted it into the block of wood at a 35 degree angle. I shaped the wood for a better hand-hold. I need to oil it to bring out the beauty of the wood.

There was a detour for about an hour while I tried to fix the blade adjustment on my tablesaw. In the end all it needed was a good yank in the right direction to get things back in alignment. Sometimes I overlook the obvious.

Leveling the frets with an old smoothing plane and fine sandpaper.

Now it was time to shape the profile of the neck. I got to use my new hand-cut rasps! They were a pleasure to use. I need to make handles for them. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Keep it coming Rusty!

  2. This is so cool! It’s a pleasure to read your writing too!

  3. This is a nice blog site. I’ve never visited it before. I’ve been thinking of maybe starting a blog too. Hmmm…

  4. I just read the previous post. You are transitioning to making instruments full time? Wow! That is great to hear. So is this the neck to the soprano or the concert? Or something else?

  5. Amazing!!! And, it’s fascinating to see the process! You are so very talented!

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