Gluing the Neck & Bridge

Well, I managed to make at least one file handle. I turned it out of oak and it seems to fit my hand nicely. Just have to make the other one and I’ll be all set.

Yesterday I was ready to glue the neck onto the body. But first I needed to prepare some glue. For hundreds of years, woodworkers have used an animal glue made primarily out of horse hides. This hide glue is quite strong but the real appeal is that it can be easily reversed. Instrument makers like it because, when a repair needs to be made, they can use heat and water to take the instrument apart without damaging the parts. There are disadvantages but, all in all, it is fabulous stuff.

I glued the neck to the body and let everything dry overnight.

Today it was time to make a bridge. The bridge is the place on the body where the strings are attached. Placement is important since this can affect whether the instrument plays in tune or not. It is also a stress point because the strings are constantly pulling at it.

This bridge is made out of walnut and it is about as simple a design as you can get. It is a copy of the old Martin bridges.

A piece of bone will be inserted into that long trough and the strings will rest on that.

I glued it on to the body with hide glue.













I will let all of this dry overnight and tomorrow will be spent sanding everything and then I hope to start applying the finish. It’s always exciting at this point – a new instrument is about to come alive!

I have a mess of pork ribs in the fridge that have been slathered in a spice rub. I will put them on the smoker around noon and we will have a nice 4th of July dinner tomorrow evening. Yum!

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