One down, one to go.

I know I still owe y’all a sound sample for #8. It’s coming – hopefully tomorrow.

But, first things first. I wanted to share my beautiful breakfast with you.








Yellow grits, sprouted english muffins, homegrown tomatoes and black coffee. Mmmmm! Just the right amount of fortification for a good morning’s work.

Also, I finished making the handles for my new luthier files.

I think they’re pretty sexy.


Okay, so on to the Second Unfinished Ukulele!

There are four sizes of ukulele (from small to large) :

Soprano, Concert, Tenor & Baritone.

This uke is a concert. The uke I just finished (#8) is a soprano so this new one is a little bigger.

My first task was to add walnut binding to the top edge. I cut two strips of walnut on the table saw and then put them in my homemade wood bender. This bender uses the heat of two light bulbs and a little moisture to encourage wood to gently bend into a desired shape.

The strips are sandwiched between the two pieces of metal flashing. The timer on front keeps me honest by buzzing LOUDLY when the prescribed time is up (I have a tendency to walk away and forget about things).






Next, I used a router to cut a channel out of the top of the ukulele in which the binding would sit. You want this channel to be just the right size so that, after the binding is glued in, it will sit a little ‘proud’ of the body. This allows you to sand it down so that it is a perfect fit.









I used good ol’ hide glue and very strong binding tape to attach the binding.




I was greeted with a frightful mess the next morning when I took the tape off. But this is  the beauty of hide glue – it cleans up with hot water! Also – see that place where the binding didn’t get snugged up to the body? I can correct that by adding hot hide glue and pulling it in with a clamp.





Cleaned up and sanded down! I still had to snug up a few places after this shot but everything is currently where is should be.

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  1. o hubba hubba, is this tucker’s? ill have to show it to him!

  2. Love this Russ. Are those ezekiel muffins? Love them too.

  3. Very nice Russ! I do some similar things when making model planes…

  4. duwan – Yes on Ezekiel!
    Matt – I would love to see some photos of your airplanes.

  5. Very cool, Russ. I am impressed. It looks beautiful. What are sprouted muffins?

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