Tucker’s Ukulele

So sorry about my absence! I’ve been pitching in a sea of limbo trying to figure out this confusing world of blog options. I hope to get it all straightened out soon.

Meanwhile, ukuleles need to be built!

Tucker is a cool, young dude I know. His parents are very supportive of his musical interests and they have asked me to build him a ukulele as a graduation present.

We have decided to go with a classic mahogany look with no frills. Less is more, after all!

Tucker is a guitar player so I suggested that he opt for a concert scale ukulele. It offers a comfortable compromise in size and cost between the traditional soprano uke and a guitar

The boards are glued up with hide glue and allowed to dry. Afterwards, I removed the excess wood on the bandsaw and proceeded to reduce the thickness of the top & back on my homemade thickness sander.

Going in…

Coming out…

The top and back end up about 3/32 of an inch thick but this thickness sander is capable of reducing wood to less than 1/16 of an inch thick! Here is a view of one of the sides.

The sides need to be THIN so that they can be bent into the ‘hour-glass’ shape.

The end blocks are glued to the sides at the top and bottom. These blocks support the area where the two sides meet.


While the body is drying, it’s time to glue up the neck. I am frequently intrigued at how these awkward hunks of glued-up wood blocks become beautifully graceful and silky smooth ukulele necks.

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  1. Beautiful. Hope you get that limbo thing straightened out soon.

  2. Can I just say “YOU ARE AWESOME”!

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