Tucker’s Ukulele #2

I got a little bogged down on Tucker’s uke but I regained my momentum today.

Last week I glued the linings into the body. These add rigidity and supply more gluing surface area for the top and back.

You can never have too many clamps!

Next, I glued the braces to the inside of the back and front. I have a dished-out plate that I have glued sandpaper to. I use it to radius the braces and then I use it as a mold when I am gluing. That way, the back and top have a slight arch to them. This adds strength and rigidity…. and it looks nice!









After the glue dries, it is time to shape the braces. A fine balance has to be struck: the braces should support the back and top but they should also let the top and back vibrate. Simply put, a stringed instrument should be built just strong enough so that it doesn’t implode. A bit crude, but that’s the basic idea.

Here’s a look at the inside of the top before shaping.

I use small wood planes and a sharp chisel to shape the braces.

All done!

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