Sound samples

A ukulele has to do three things:

Look good,

Play good,

Sound good.

I think my ukes look pretty good. And, I have to say, they play pretty darn good (you’ll have to take my word for this one). All that’s left is the listening.

So, here are a few sound samples of my latest ukes: #8b and #9.

My friend Joel came by today at my urging and played a little ditty.

And I recorded this recently.

Joel and I would like to make the following excuses for our playing:

1. We just learned the songs.

2. We’re not used to this brand of strings.

3. We hurt our respective fingers prior to playing.

4. We left our picks at home.

5. The sun was in our eyes.

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  1. Nice playing, n i c e uke. I’ve started making box ukuleles (I’m a hack, but it’s fun) — I’ve only managed to approximate the last two characteristics on you list. ‘Look good’ is not possible with my tools and lack of experience.

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