Equipment Kaputt

They say things come in threes, don’t they? Well, let’s hope it stops there.

My lovely belt sander bit the dust last week. I was sanding something and was wondering why there was so much sawdust in the air. It wasn’t sawdust – it was smoke! The motor gave up and I haven’t had the heart to do an autopsy. Hopefully it will be repairable but the pessimist in me doubts it.

Look at the date on the bottom: J3 48. I’m guessing October 3, 1948. Lord, I love old tools. I pains me when they die.

That’s one. Up next is my air compressor. My friend Tiby gave it to me years ago and it has served me well. To be honest, I mostly use it to blow dust off of me but it gets its fair share of workout when I use my pneumatic nail guns. My addition to the shop (previous post) must have done it in.

I couldn’t get it to come on the other day and I was hoping it was something minor. As I was dragging it from its corner, I heard the sound of metal pieces clinking around – broken metal pieces.

These pieces are supposed to be attached.

Just look at this shrapnel! The rings on the bottom were once a sealed bearing with about 15 ball bearings. I wish I had been in the shop when this thing let go! I bet it sounded pretty spectacular.

That’s two.

Up next is my old washing machine. Now, I have to say that I got it free (Thanks Jen!) and it was rusty and it did kinda smell like cat pee, but it was a faithful washer. Recently, it has been spewing motor oil and leaking water. I guess it is fixable but I’m gonna retire it. It’s a judgement call and I’m Caesar and I’m giving it a thumbs down. Sorry old G.E. but it’s time to go on Craig’s List and find another. Oh – and an air compressor. And maybe another sander motor. I’ll let you know what happens.

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  1. Bummer. RIP, tools.

  2. That motor can probably be rebuilt, and would most likely be worth it given the quality. Sorry to hear about the loss of your ball bearings.

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