Ipu Update

It’s been an interesting week. I have been building things, I have been breaking things and I have been finding a little time to make a little progress on the ipu ukes.First things first – let’s have a look at the ukes.

Here you can see I’ve added the end grafts. Not only do these look good, they also hide the potentially ugly butt joint (where the two sides meet). Notice the hide glue glob on the top body. Add some hot water and it’s gone. I usually wait until the body is done before I deal with any globs.

There won’t be a whole lot of room on the top of these ukes for sound holes. The resonator will be taking up a big chunk of real estate and the fret board will extend deep into the body leaving not a lot of room. Solution? Sound hole on the side! I like these side sound holes because they serve as a personal speaker for the player.

The holes are reinforced on the inside.

The concert Ipu has received its top.

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