Shop Addition

We have had a nice spell of mild weather but Winter is coming.

I found this dude in the woodpile soaking up the sun.

In an effort to make enough room for a new woodstove in the shop, I decided to do a little rearranging. I talked my friend Neil into buying an extra thickness sander that I made. That allowed me to move the planer into that space. Now, if I could only find a place for this dust collector…. And then it dawned on me – I could remove the side door of the shop and frame-in the little landing outside of that door.

Not very sexy but very utilitarian. Utilitarian can be sexy though, right?

Check out the window – a nice double paned sash for 5 bucks at Habitat for Humanity! I framed the window and the eaves with iron wood that Tom Kelly gave me. He was building a deck out of it and had a lot of ‘drop’ left over.

As with most woodworkers, I think I’m done but I still need to paint. The finish is always the pain in the butt.

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  1. You’re my hero!

  2. So what are you going to put in this new addition? A piece of machinery, storage, etc…

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