Dobro Sound Ports

I wanted ‘eyes’ on this uke but I wasn’t quite sure how to manage it. I wanted the wood to match the reso cover but I didn’t know how to deal with the wire screen.

soprano dobro2

I did some research and discovered that quite a few people said their Dobros sounded better when they took the screen out. Easy solution – no screen. Problem solved.


On the left is a blank piece of magnolia. On the right is a finished soundport.

dobro2 008

Turning the sound port rim on the lathe.

dobro2 013

dobro2 014

dobro2 016

dobro2 017

I love my new soundport rims but I wanted to be sure this uke would have that ‘vacant stare’ look that the screen in the original provided.

I felt like it might be distracting if one was able to see details inside the uke through the soundports. I puzzled and puzzled until my puzzler was sore. And then it dawned on me – paint the insides with black milk paint. It worked like a charm! More soon….

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  1. i know im your wife and all, but this is marvelous.

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