A Painted Resonator Ukulele

Do you remember those guitars and ukuleles they made for kids back around the 50’s? Usually the instruments were cheaply made plywood versions  and, to save money, the “bling” was simply ‘painted on’. There was plenty of variety:

harmony archtop

harmonyThese Harmony instruments have the trim painted on.

Here, the soundhole and trim are painted as well as a tuning reminder.


red guitar

I like this red one.


The National company went hog wild and painted the ENTIRE instrument, fretboard and all!

national uke

Needless to say, I fell in love with the look of these Nationals! Since an original like this will cost as much as I paid for my used Honda wagon, I decided to build one instead.

And here it is: I give you

The Painted Ukulele


This is a tenor resonator ukulele with a milk paint finish. The body is poplar, the neck is mahogany and the biscuit cover is aluminum.


new thug1 019Nut is horn.

new thug1 020

Peghed tuners have been installed.


new thug1 015

The strap button is hand-turned out of  dogwood (very tough wood). The strap is paracord. There is a leather tab which cinches the strap to the button.

thug1 004

thug1 001

new thug1 031


This uke is for sale. Here is a sound sample:

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