Progress on the SE5a

This model is taking an amazing amount of time to finish. It seems that when one has ‘the cancer’, one moves at a much slower pace than before. Six months since the diagnosis,  and I’m STILL learning this lesson. Stupid cancer.

Se5 Construction1 014

Do you know what an empennage is? I didn’t either. It is the tail assembly  of an airplane. The vertical part of this assembly is called the vertical stabilizer. The trailing edge of this vertical fin is called the rudder. It affects the side-to-side motion of the aircraft.

The horizontal piece is called the horizontal stabilizer. The rear section of the horizontal stabilizer is movable and is called the elevator. It affects the up and down motion of the airplane.

Se5 Construction1 020 Since this will be a non-flying (static) model, neither the rudder nor the elevator are made to work.

Armament – we mustn’t forget the machine guns! The SE5a was armed with a Vickers .303 mounted on the bonnet and a Lewis Gun mounted on the top wing. We’ll focus on the Vickers right now.




The Vickers machine gun was Great Britain’s heavy machine gun of choice from 1912 to 1968.


The Vickers peered out from under the bonnet and the trigger end of the gun emerged in the cockpit for easy firing. Originally a water-cooled gun, all coolant was drained on the models destined for airplanes, since water cooling was redundant when flying in the freezing altitudes of aerial combat.

plane project 023


plane project 025The SE5 was usually powered with the 200 hp (149 kW) Hispano-Suiza 8b V-8 engine.

exhaust details

plane project 031My version.

plane project 029I sprayed a quick coat of white primer on just to pull everything together.

I am currently working on the top wing, so stay tuned for that next time!

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