Airgun Target

I’m not sure how many people know this, but I am a gun geek. I know, I know, it’s the wrong thing to say. I’ve killed plenty of conversations by dropping that bomb. But, dag-nabit, it’s true!
I adore old, mechanical things and old guns are splendidly old and mechanical. You can also shoot a projectile out of one and make a can at the end of the alley jump about. Unfortunately, I don’t live out in the country so I don’t often get a chance to shoot. Our good friend Mike McMillan treated me to an hour of range time just recently and we had a delightful time. Gun ranges can be really swank or horribly stank. Mike and I went to Sharpshooters on Rutherford Road and it was totally swank! Very classy operation. But I am wandering….

DianaAndBeemanDiana model 6G .177 cal. (top) and Beeman P1 .20 cal.

Since I much prefer to shoot outdoors, I have recently restored my interest in airguns. They are beautiful mechanical machines that can be safely and responsibly shot in the city. I’ve been having a some very satisfying and relaxing afternoons sitting in the back yard plinking at rocks and tin cans. Great fun but I want to build some interesting and challenging airgun targets. I made a few in the past and really enjoyed myself.

So let’s try to make a target box with swinging knives.

I saw this online and it looked solid, easy and cheap. Those are soup spoons with bent handles.


It is a homemade copy of this:


I went to the thrift store and all they had were knives and forks – no spoons. “Hmmm, seems to me that these knife handles would take a beating just fine. All I need to do is bend the blades.” This is what I came up with:

targetMaking1I heated the blades until they were cherry red.

targetMaking2I then wrapped the heated end around a steel rod.

targetMaking3I used some scrap lumber to build a  box around the knives and cut some conduit for spacers to go in between the knives. I will add a slanted back in the future to catch the pellets.


It actually works well! The knife handles are heavy enough that the knives don’t spin all the way around.

knifeTarget3I found this old target of mine.



I was using this Tau-7 Standard .177 CO2 pistol.


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  1. I have an old Benjamin air rifle in the garage…..I used to hunt…..we need to have a late afternoon conversation soon….not too long, not too intrusive into your space….

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